What is Milia? Is your baby affected by it?

Having a baby is a very exciting time. At the same time first six weeks can be a series of ups and downs for any new parent. Getting anxious on noticing anything abnormal on baby’s skin is very understandable.

At birth baby’s skin is grayish blue, wet and streaked with blood and vernix. Within a few minutes, skin color changes to normal as the baby starts breathing well.

Obstructed sweat and oil glands cause small white spots, called MILIA on your baby’s nose cheeks and chin. When the glands start functioning, which may take 4-6 weeks, the MILIA disappear. Generally, no treatment is required for this condition and they don’t leave any marks when they fade away.

Simply washing face with water is enough. Some mothers use various homemade scrubs, oils etc to clear these eruptions, which can cause allergies in babies.

Don’t try to poke, rub, squeeze or scrape the whiteheads and don’t apply anything on them. Such things can cause skin allergies in newborns and can also cause infection.

If you notice any inflammation or redness around these milk spots or see them spreading, it’s time to see your pediatrician.

Keep your baby’s skin healthy and to avoid any serious skin disease go for a regular checkup to your Paediatric doctor. Learn more about pregnancy & baby care related information and pregnancy classes visit our website Rita’s Pregnancy 101.

Neeru Verma

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