Why Mothers Should Chant During Pregnancy?

Conceiving motherhood is bliss for every mom. However, those nine months of intense anxiety and health worries require some sort of solace and calmness deeper inside a human body. These days, pregnancy classes have emerged out as the best way to stay up to date about Dos and Don’ts during pregnancy days.

Chanting is an auspicious activity that most health experts advise expecting moms to undertake regularly these days considering high level of stress and anxiety. Be it the holy chanting of Gayatri Mantra or Om Nama Shivay, these hymns have sublime power to sooth the mind and body of the both mom and her unborn child. A chanting of sacred mantras includes the sounds of the universe in totality.

Enhance Concentration: Lack of concentration and lethargy are quite common among pregnant women. The lamaze classes conduct special yoga sessions where sacred chanting of hymns and mantras are recited by expected moms. It does not only increase concentration but alleviating stress.

Soothe Mind, Body and Soul: Meditation has divine values. The role of meditation becomes more important during the pregnancy days when hormonal changes occur in some women. The prenatal classes for expecting moms strongly recommend daily meditation of at least 45 minutes alongside chanting of sacred mantras.

Increase Positive Energy: Regular chanting or meditation creates path for positive energy during the prenatal development, which helps the baby to become quiet and happy.

Chanting is one of the ways of meditation. Pregnant woman can meditate in following different ways.

Yogasanas: Pranayam and Padmasanas could be of immense help to pregnant moms and fetus. Moreover, many yogasanas keep the mom fit and in shape along with healthy baby.

Deep Belly Meditation: In this meditation technique, place your hands on belly and cradle the unborn child. You will feel warmth and some movement as well. Now slowly breathe in and out. It will strengthen your respiratory system and calm your mind.

Mantra for Life: It does matter what a pregnant mom speaks. So, during yoga poses, pregnant women should chant some sacred hymns like Mahamrityunjay, Gayatri or OM or Shiva mantra to reinstill a new confidence and self-belief during pregnancy days. Early morning is the best time to meditate and become spiritual.

Following the childbirth and successful delivery of the child, a mom needs to take more care about her health. The yoga classes for pregnant women teach and train moms to participate in regular yoga and exercise classes to bring them back to good health and size.

Rita Singha

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