Yoga as a Therapy for Pregnancy Insomnia

Insomnia means complete loss of sleep, difficulty in staying asleep, early awakening or combination of any of these complaints. In pregnancy women can experience lack of sleep at all stages, but it tends to be the most common in first and third trimesters. The reason could be the hormonal changes in earlier months and many other pregnancy woes in the later months like congestion, heartburn, restless leg syndrome, heartburn, endless trips to the bathroom, and shortness of breath or could be anxiety at times.

But the good part is that it does not harm the growing baby in any way.

Yoga can be a great help in alleviating insomnia.

+ Gentle yoga asanas practiced under supervision can decrease discomforts leading to better sleep

+ Bhramri Pranayam – vibration of humming creates soothing effect on the nervous system resulting in better sleep

+ Ujjayi pranayam – It is a tranquilizing pranayama and has a profound relaxing effect at psychic level and it can be performed while lying down.


+ Sheetkari pranayam – It has a cooling effect on the whole body and an excellent tranquilizer just before sleep. It encourages the free flow of pranic energy

+ Yog Nidra – a successful and proven treatment for insomnia. If adopted in conjunction with other yoga practices like asana and pranayama, it creates the most favorable conditions for intrauterine growth and development of the baby. It can be used to induce sleep and as a routine before bed time .Ideally done in shavasana, in pregnancy can be done in balasan or matsyakridasana.

Along with the above practices done under supervision, a light diet, early dinner, less of screen time can be really helpful in case of sleep problems in pregnancy.

Team of Rita’s Pregnancy 101 wishes you a very good sleep every night and a healthy pregnancy.

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Neeru Verma

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